Caroline Glick with the Truth about the Growing Antisemitism

by Avi Abelow

This is so important. Journalist Caroline Glick explains in such simplicity on how the whole phenomena of antisemitism has been based on lies and fake news from time immemorial.

Caroline Glick explains why antisemitism generally takes the form of fake news. Through the use of lies, such as “Jews destroy civilization through communism”, or “Jews use the blood of Christian babies to make matzah”, anti-semites are able to justify their hatred of Jews. They can claim that this is just the reaction that any rational person would have if certain people were committing these horrible acts against them. They are then able to Justify genocide and other violent acts against the Jews.

The Sad Irony

While antisemitism is based on lies and fake news, our culture today is flooded with a term that actually makes no sense. I’m referring to the word “Islamaphobia”. That is the word used to shut down any and all criticism of Islam.

A “phobia” is an irrational fear. Yet, it is totally rational to be afraid of Islam. Terrorists commit terror everyday in the name of Islam and Allah, all over the world. Even Muslims are murdered by fellow Muslims in the name of Islam and Allah. What is irrational about fearing Islam? It is totally rational!

While Western society today is allowing antisemitism to spread and mainstream, even in the Democratic party in the USA, all criticism of Islam is shut down in the name of a fake term called “Islamaphobia”.

We must stand up for the truth. The truth about antisemitism and the truth about Islam. We can only make the world a safer place for all, including the peace-loving Muslims, if we stand up for these truths. Please help us spread these very important truths.

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