United Nations Disgrace. Voting to Protect Hamas from Israel

by Avi Abelow

The truth is meaningless in the United Nations Security Council. Country after country denounced Israel at a special UNSC session on Israel. It took British Col. Richard Kemp to lay down the truth that the world body ignores.

While this UN council will be voting on helping to protect Gaza civilians from Israel, they should really be dealing with ways to protect Gazans from Hamas. It is Hamas that is using its own women and children as human shields.

UN Vote

The United Nations Security Council begins talks on Monday on a Kuwait-drafted resolution.  This resolution condemns Israeli force against Gazans.  Furthermore, it calls for an “international protection mission” in Gaza.

The draft resolution asks UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to report within 30 days of its adoption on “ways and means for ensuring the safety, protection and well-being of the “palestinian” civilian population.”

This horrible resolution will probably not pass – due to a US veto. Yet, it shows how the United Nations is actively encouraging Hamas’ violence instead of looking to end it.

UNSC Special Session

UN High Commissioner Zeid: “87 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli security forces.  Over 12,000 people have been injured…The stark contrast in casualties on both sides suggests a wholly disproportionate response.  On the Israeli side, one soldier was reportedly wounded, slightly, by a stone…. Israel is obligated to protect the population of Gaza and ensure their welfare. But they are, in essence, caged in a toxic slum from birth to death.  They deprive them of dignity; dehumanized by the Israeli authorities…”

Israel’s Ambassador Responds

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon did not remain silent in the face of this dangerous initiative. “Kuwait’s dangerous draft resolution only reinforces Hamas’s terror regime.  Hamas oppresses and threatens the residents of Gaza and the security of Israeli citizens,” Danon said. “Do not lend a hand to support Hamas’ terrorism.”

He added that “If the Council seeks to protect the residents of Gaza, it must take steps against Hamas’s war crimes.  And not reward the organization’s cycle of bloodshed.”

Col. Kemp

Col. Richard Kemp took the floor on behalf of UN Watch at the emergency session of the United Nations Human Rights Council to dispel the lies:

“I commanded British troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland, and served with NATO and the United Nations. I have come straight from the Gaza front line to share my assessment.

Based on what I observed, I can say that everything we just heard here is a complete distortion of the truth.

The truth is that Hamas is a terrorist organization that seeks the destruction of Israel.  They seek the murder of Jews everywhere.  They deliberately caused over 60 of its own people to get killed…”

Col. Kemp hits it on the nose – time and again.  He has vast experience in the region.  He gets it. There is a right and a wrong in this situation.  Israel is in the right.  The Hamas has only one goal – and Israel will make sure they fail.

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