Groundbreaking Second Temple Discovery Covered Up

by Avi Abelow

A hole opened up on the floor of the Temple Mount. This is not just an ordinary hole in the ground. This is a 2,000+ year structure. Everything under the floor of the Temple Mount has immense archeological significance.

Initial estimates by professionals are that this hole may have served as an entry point into an underground cavern dating to the Second Temple era, some 2,000 years ago.


However, we will never know because the Muslim authorities on the Mount illegally threw cement into this historic hole and covered it up.

This is an absolute travesty, in addition to being against Israeli law. Yet, unfortunately, Israeli authorities will do nothing about it, because the Muslim world screams out threats of World War III if Israel ever enforces the antiquity laws on the Temple Mount, hence Israel never does anything to preserve one of the most historically rich site in the world.

Back to the hole.

It was discovered near the Mughrabi Gate in the southwestern section of the Mount when the floor tile above it broke.

Israel Police informed the Israel Antiquities Authority regarding the unusual development, and Jews loyal to the preservation of the Temple Mount urged the Israel Antiquities Authority to investigate the contents of the pit and the reason for its sudden opening.

Assaf Fried, a spokesperson for the Mate Hamikdash Temple Mount organization, called on Israeli authorities to prevent the Muslim Waqf authority from sealing the new opening by “pouring rough and destructive concrete,” as it has done in similar cases in the past. To no avail.

Fried demanded that the Israel Antiquities Authority “must conduct an orderly rescue excavation at the site and disclose its contents to the general public,” 

“The Temple Mount is the microcosm of the world of antiquities. Every square foot on the Temple Mount bears first-rate national importance,” Fried told the Tazpit news agency.

“The finds on the mountain reflect 3,000 years of Jewish activity in the place, and every pit dug in the place can shed light on thousands of years of Jewish history,” Fried explained. “Whether it is a cistern from the days of Herod, or an opening of a cave from the days of King Solomon, the escape caves he built at the bottom of the mountain, among other things to hide the Ark of the Covenant during a hostile attack.”

The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation stated Tuesday that “once again we are witnessing the abandonment on the Temple Mount.”

“It is no longer a religious matter, it is a historical matter, and thus antiquities on the Temple Mount are being destroyed in 2020 and the State of Israel is doing nothing to stop it,” the organization charged.

The foundation further noted that in every other antiquity site in the country, anyone who would have filled an ancient pit with concrete would “have been thrown into prison.”

We here in Israel are still waiting for leaders willing to not only enforce the law on the Temple Mount but who will stand up proudly and firmly to the pressures of the Muslim world for the preservation of the holiest site for Jews in the world, the Temple Mount. 

Dr. Risch

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