Brutal report exposed on Iran torturing protesters and children

by Phil Schneider

Iran has not always been the Iran that we know if today. Until 1979, Iran was a completely different country than it is now. Actually, from the early 1950’s until 1979, Iran was a country that was always on the more moderate end of the scale of the Middle East. In World War II, one of the most fateful meetings between the leaders of the free world and Joseph Stalin happened in Teheran – of all places. Iran was a key location in the battle to keep the Axis powers out of dominating the oil fields of the Middle East.

It is very tempting to assume that what exists today cannot be changed tomorrow. Many thought that the Iron Curtain would never fall. After all, from the end of World War II until the middle-end of the 80’s, nothing much seemed to change between US-Soviet relations. Richard Nixon brought the idea of detente into the lexicon, and there was some level of hope for a better future. But nobody could have imagined that what happened in 1989 would happen. In a matter of months, one country after another under the influence of the Soviet Union, threw away it’s Communist parent and broke away towards the free world. Rumania, Poland, Yugoslavia, and the Ukraine, are all independent countries today that are all in various levels of Westernization. This can and will happen in the Middle East too. The fact that the UAE has agreed to an agreement of normalization with the State of Israel is just the beginning. Often, Saudi Arabia is referenced as the ultimate prize. But in truth, a revolution in Iran that will once and for all rid the Middle East of the Iranian threat is the key to a peaceful future.

Iran has a majority that wants to become Westernized. But the last time there were massive protests, Barack Obama watched from the sidelines instead of getting involved and encouraging the change. Within a decade, Iran may very well go from being the largest threat in the Middle East to a beacon of democracy. It depends on the West and some brave demonstrators in Iran.

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