Who Is Really Behind The George Floyd Insurrection?

by David Mark

There is an overwhelming realization that while what happened to George Floyd is both reprehensible and completely sickening, forces far bigger than those angry about the state of systemic racism in America are taking advantage of the situation by manipulating the protests.

Antifa, Soros funded organizations, and foreign influence are taking an angry populace, many out of work due to the coronavirus and pushing them towards a head on collision against the centers of civil society in the US.

For the USA, the cycle of of despair exacerbated by an economic meltdown and feckless liberal governors bent on locking down their populace has turned a painful situation into an insurrection. The summer has hit for America and there is a strange feeling that most of what is being witnessed is an attempt by the Deep State and those aligned with globalist leaders and corporate tech giants to undermine Trump in an election year.

However, chances are the rabbit hole is far deeper. President Trump appears to be a foil far more than the target. After all, the real goal for many of the globalists if not all is chaos in of itself. This is why they exploit tragic situations.

At the end, when there is just chaos then there can be someone who offers a new hope. Of course, a new hope will just be another form of globalist and bureaucratic control.

Then again, as the chaos is being released, the manipulators can only control the chaos so much. Often times the mobs will take it in a direction never predicted – only after they have jettisoned the original leaders.

Watch White Anarchists Exploit Peaceful Black Protest

While America has been a bastion of freedom, the wealth creation of the past two decades has been primarily in the one percent of the population. Black or White, most people have been left behind. The coronavirus and the economic carnage left in its wake has revealed just how weak the underbelly of the US economy really is.

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