From Iran To Turkey, Israel’s Enemies Are Gathering Against It

by David Mark

The Biden administration has officially joined indirect talks with Iran in Qatar on Iran’s nuclear program. Given how close Iran is to obtaining nuclear weapons, any drawn out negotiations may allow Iran to achieve its goals.

No believes there will be a nuclear deal, but as mentioned above, the negotiations themselves are designed to use up time for Iran’s nuclear scientists to reach the point of no return.

Beyond the nuclear talks, Iran and Turkey have agreed to cooperate on supporting “palestinian” rights in Jerusalem. Turkey already donates millions to “palestinian” organization seeking to Arabize Jerusalem.

In a recent meeting with Iran’s Foreign Minister Abdollahian, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu said the following:

“Turkey’s position will never change, as we reiterate every time, Palestine and al-Quds (Arabic for the “Holy City” referring to Jerusalem) is our common cause. We will continue to be in cooperation” when it comes to “defending Palestine and al-Quds.”

Israel is facing increased pressure from Russia and Iran, including Iran’s proxies. While the Biden administration appears to be disconnected from global issues, Israel and its Sunni Arab allies are increasingly on their own in the face of a determined set of enemies.

Within the gathering storm, Israel enters increased political chaos and another election. An untested and left-center politician, Yair Lapid now takes the reigns of power. His vision for Israel is one of a secular state – removed from its Biblical foundations. Unfortunately for the Jewish State, secularism is the last thing it needs right now.

The next four months may be the most dangerous situation Israel has been in since the Yom Kippur War, when a lack of leadership led to a near defeat at the hands of Egypt and Syria.

Today’s danger is far more precarious and requires a heroic leadership – one based on faith – to see it through.

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