The Kibbutz Experience Is Something Very Special

by Phil Schneider

The Kibbutz movement began more than 100 years ago in the State of Israel. It’s origins are in socialist, collectivist, idealistic living. Some people claim that it is a now outdated form of living, and some people claim that it is the only form of socialist life that still works.

But what is crystal clear to all historians is the critical role that Kibbutzim played in the formation and build-up of the State of Israel. In small communities that usually numbered no more than a few hundred people, Jews returned from all over the world to bring the Land of Israel back to life.

Many of the people around the world who returned came with literally nothing. Nothing. No family, money, and just a small suitcase of belongings. They really had nobody to rebuild their life with. The Kibbutz was an idealistic option that afforded much of the solution in the way of family. Collectivizing their money and efforts in order to maximize their ability to produce proved very effective.

From a bird’s eye view, today, one sees hundreds of fields across the State of Israel that were planted by Kibbutz members. Whether it is the Jaffa oranges, or myriad other fruits and vegetables that Israel has become famous for, Made in Israel is not just about hi-tech exports. Kibbutzim are a successful part of Israel’s buildup of the Land of Israel.

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