Ben Shapiro Exposes The True Horror Of Planned Parenthood

by Phil Schneider

Should young pregnant women be encouraged to have an abortion? Should they be encouraged to plan their family before they are pregnant or after they are pregnant? The modern-day woke attitudes have been rather binary about these rather complex issues.

“Abortions should be encouraged.” This is the prevalent attitude among so many young people. It is a sad state when the norm has become to encourage young women to abort their babies. Although this is usually discussed as a religious matter, it goes way beyond that.

Animal rights activists do not support whale preservation because of religious principles. Endangered species are not protected because the Bible says so. It is simple common sense that nearly everyone can relate to. Things that are alive should not be treated with disregard. Even flowers should not be destroyed for no good reason. How much more so a human being in formation?

So, in what specific cases are abortions the proper thing to do? That is where religion comes in. But as a general rule, it is simple common sense that nature should not be destroyed.

Families should therefore be planned before pregnancy happens. But any form of wanton destruction of life, from plant life to wild life, and especially human life, should never be something that is encouraged. At the most, it should be the exception in very extenuating circumstances.

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