Israel Political Crisis Paves The Way For Iran’s First Nuclear Weapon

by Micha Gefen

While the coming Knesset dissolution has been hailed by Israel’s rightwing, it comes at a time of great tension between the Jewish State and Iran and her proxies.

Beyond the dissolution, its who will be heading the State that is the most important. Yair Lapid, the current Foreign Minister known as an ardent secularist and divisive politician, will be the interim politician. He is also considered a US partner and will never agree to go it alone against Iran.

Lapid’s ascendency, no matter how brief comes at a time of renewed nuclear negotiations between the USA and Iran. Make no mistake, the Iranians are using these negotiations as a means to buy time in order to completely develop multiple nuclear weapons.

With Lapid as Prime Minister, not only will there be no preemptive strike against Iran, but he will not set firm boundaries with the Americans during their negotiations with Iran. Barring any changes, Israel’s coming elections are slated for the 25th of October. For most Israeli’s they cannot come soon enough.

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