Anti-Semitism Is High In China

by Phil Schneider

Although anti-semitism exists throughout the world, state-sponsored anti-semitism in China is especially troubling. China is not a democracy and all information that is broadcast is controlled from the top-down. As China is the most populous country in the world, and emerging very rapidly as an economic superpower, the attitudes toward the Jewish people espoused by the media are quite important.

Interestingly, the main accusation against the Jewish people featured is that the Jewish people control America due to their wealth and influence. Even if there is some amount of truth in this charge, it is obviously wildly exaggerated.

The most effective solution is via Chinese language media production. Even if within China, there is strong censorship, outside of China, things are free. Many Chinese people, for many reasons, do indeed travel outside of China. They should be the target market. The message should be simple. Israel is the start-up nation that brings blessing and progress to the world.

When the word spreads – in Chinese -that the Jewish Nation is the Start-Up Nation, in medicine, hi-tech and so many other ways, the reputation of the Jewish people in China will improve. But without a sustained effort of PR, nearly 1/4 of the world’s population will continue to eat up lies about the Jewish people.

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