Have The Left Lost Their Mind On The Abortion Debate?

by Phil Schneider

In the minds of those who oppose the Supreme Court decision, what is the best solution to the problem. If the problem is a conservative Supreme Court that is too old-fashioned and not woke enough, then, there is a simple solution to the problem. Keep electing more liberals into Congress and the Executive Branch, and balance out the Supreme Court. The problem is that the radical left knows what we will all know very soon.

In November 2022, both Republicans and Democrats agree that there will be a major shift towards the side of the Republicans. But the sheer scope of the shift is probably being grossly underrated. The Republican Party is not just on it’s way to control the House. It is in the middle of acquiring huge voter blocs from the Democrat Party.

The Hispanic vote is not as large as it is critical. The States that have large Hispanic populations include Florida, Texas, and Arizona. A 5% shift from Democrat to Republican would be a game changer in Florida. Florida is not just an important State in the electoral college. It is the largest swing state and has been for more than 20 years.

The Democrats know this and realize that in 2024, the odds are very slim that any of their candidates will win – especially if it is Kamala Harris. That is why there is so much panic now. The Judicial Branch has shifted due to the three appointments of President Trump. The only legal way to change that is at the election booth. But the Democrat Party does not see any positive signs in the upcoming two elections. That is why there is so little hope and so much despair in the Democrat Party. That may explain the extreme reaction of so many to a decision that puts the controversial issue down to the State level.

Col. Kemp

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