Former Labour Party leader Gordon Brown stands up to Labour antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

Labour antisemitism has really grown recently. The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has destroyed the party’s image. But moments like these give hope.

This is genuine solidarity. – I’d heard rumours that Gordon Brown was releasing a video from 12Tribe Films on Vimeo.

Labour Antisemitism

Over the last couple years, Jeremy Corbyn has made the Labour Party one of the most antisemitic political parties in the world. Through his words as well as his actions, Corbyn has let the Jewish community down. He has treated them like the lowest of the low. And people are finally taking a stand against the Labour party leader. They are saying no to Labour antisemitism!

Standing up to the Antisemitism

Members of the Labour Party have even left their own party because of the growing antisemitism. They have had enough and want nothing to do with the racism. Not only have members left, but former prime minister and former Labour Party leader Tony Blair spoke out against the Labour antisemitism. It is hard to recognize the party anymore!

And now, also former PM and Labour leader Gordon Brown has publicly spoken out against this horrendous antisemitism. He is troubled by what the party has turned into. The Labour Party used to stand up to antisemitism, and now it is the cause of it. Thank you, Mr. Brown, for standing up to the hate!

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