IKEA Israel is revolutionizing life for the disabled

by Leah Rosenberg

Ikea, a world famous furniture store, is now revolutionizing life for disabled people. There is no reason why anyone who has a disability should feel different.


Ikea was founded in 1943 in Sweden by a 17 year old carpenter called Ingvar Kamprad. It is a group that designs and sells ready to assemble furniture. As of November 2018 there were 424 Ikea stores operating in 52 countries across the World.

The first Ikea Israel store was opened in 2001, in the city of Netanya. Ikea has since opened stores in Rishon Letzion and Beer Sheva and plans to open more in other places across Israel. In recent years there was a fire in the Ikea branch in Netanya but since the store has been rebuilt and opened again to the public.

This Ables

This Ables is a project started by Ikea, to help those with disabilities be able to enjoy their home as much as others do. This is part of Ikea’s vision “to create a better everyday life for as many people as possible”. They joined together with non-profit organizations Milbat and Access Israel, who specialize in creating solutions for those with special needs.

There are many people across Israel, across the World who are disabled in many different ways. There is no reason these people should feel left out. Creating this furniture would revolutionize the way people with disabilities live. They have created a sofa that is easier for people to get up from. A handle for a shower curtain, making it easier to pull across and many more products. They are also working with disable people to create new products that will help them in the future.

Hopefully, in future years these products will be available across the globe. As Ikea plans to open up many more stores over the World, these products will be able to help and reach more people.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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