ISIS is still a major threat – here is why

by Leah Rosenberg

ISIS, the Islamic State Group, who still poses a major threat, not only in the Middle East, in Syria and other places. But now poses a threat across Western Europe and into the United States.


ISIS have been active since 1999 and are known as a militant group. They gained a global name for themselves when they drove the Iraqi Government out of major cities in Iraq. The group has been named a terrorist group by the United Nations and other individual countries. The group has claimed religious, political and military authority over all Muslims worldwide.

By December 2015, it is said to have held a large area from Western Iraq to Eastern Syria. Containing an estimated 8-12 million people. ISIS has forced its interpretation of Sharia Law, a religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. It is believed that ISIS is operational in 18 countries across the Globe, including Afganistan, Pakistan, and Egypt.

Why Are ISIS Such A Threat?

ISIS to many people is the group that has sent videos of be-headings around the world. They have killed many journalists, aid workers and many civilians. They have been regarded as a terrorist group, no country in the world wants these kind of people living in their country. Not if there is a slight possibility if they will attack their citizens.

The flag of ISIS shows the seal of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam within a white circle. The Arabic writing above, it says “there is no god but Allah”. This might give the indication that if one does not believe in Allah one is living in sin, a person should convert to Islam. Anyone who is not a Muslim is called an Infidel. ISIS is said to have an army of over 30,000 soldiers and an annual budget of over $1 billion.

Many countries across Europe and the United States are accepting refugees from Middle Eastern countries. Some of these refugees include ISIS soldiers. They are sent to spread the ISIS ideology. This is why it is still a threat, it is not just a problem in the middle east but spreading across the globe.

ISIS uses violence to get the attention of the Western Governments, they encourage this. Violence could end up causing chaos in a country. They have used bombings, ambushes, rape and assassinations as a tactic. ISIS requires elimination in order for the World to be a safe place.

Motivation for Terror
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