You’ll never ask questions about Gaza again

by Leah Rosenberg

Gaza the strip on the western border of Israel. Hamas, the terror organization who control. Hamas, who will never recognize Israel as a country. They want to annihilate Israel and the Jewish People globally.

Gaza and Hamas

Gaza, the strip located between Israel and has a border with Egypt. Hamas, the terror organization who controls it. Hamas since taking control of Gaza has done nothing but fired rockets into Israel. Recently they keep stating that these rockets have been a mistake, but how is this possible?

Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005, in the hope it would bring peace. The Arabs would have their land and be in control of it and Israel would finally see peace. However, this is not true, the terror only got worse. Hamas, in March 2019 shot a rocket that landed past Tel Aviv, in a home. If the SIren would not have gone off this family would have been burying their children.

Recently, people in Gaza have started protesting. Hamas spends all the money it gains towards rockets and reigning terror in Israel. The people in Gaza are getting bored and want their money. They want it to spend on food, clothes and other utilities. The Hamas government is being unfair to the citizens of Gaza. The Hamas mission is to dispose of Israel and the Jews, ignoring the Arab citizens.

The Peace Process

The Peace process talks have been going on since the beginning of the conflict. The conflict started when David Ben Gurion stood up in a hall in Tel Aviv and declared the State of Israel. Some countries, such as Egypt and Jordan, both of whom have signed peace treaties with Israel. Egypt signed in 1979 and Jordan in 1994.

The problem with the peace process is that the Arab side is not committed. Even in 1947 when the United Nations Partition was planned, the Arabs rejected it. The Jews agreed to the Plan. The Jewish People have wanted nothing more than peace.

Many countries recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization. What happened to the saying “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” or does that not apply to Israel? Or is the world anti-Zionist? Many feel that the Israeli side has done nothing but give, given the Arabs control of Gaza and other cities in Judea and Samaria. But what have the Arabs given the Israelis? Even today, in 2019 they are shooting rockets at Israeli civilians.

You can not have a peace process when the one side wants to annihilate the other. The Arabs do not wish for the Jews to exist, they want to push them back into the Sea and take control of the Land.

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