Former PM and Labour leader Tony Blair is shocked by what the party has become

by Leah Rosenberg

If Tony Blair is saddened by what his former party has turned into, that should be a wakeup call. The Labour Party became a group that no one’s proud of.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair is a name that many people have heard of. He is the former prime minister of England as well as the former Labour Party leader. But his former party looks unfamiliar to him now. Jeremy Corbyn has changed it for the worse. He has turned it into an antisemitic platform. Blair thinks it is saddening, shocking, and shameful. Has the Labour Party gone so mad that it is too late to turn it around?

The Double Standard Against Israel

The former PM addresses an important point. Criticizing Israel is not necessarily antisemitic. Israelis criticize their own government. But it is the idea of singling Israel out that is a problem. It is about the excessiveness of it and acting as if Israel is the most evil country in the world. And it is about questioning Israel’s right to exist.

The Middle East is filled with plenty of other countries and groups of people to criticize. Leaders are murdering their own people. But the world still focuses on Israel. That is a double standard, and that is not okay.

The Antisemitism Cannot be Ignored

The antisemitism is too present to be ignored. Tony Blair and others have found it necessary to address it. It is not about a one time incident or mistake. This is about the antisemitism that is growing in the world. This is about the future and what it will look like.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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