Why Liberals should fight for Israeli control over all of Israel

by Phil Schneider

Gedalia Blum makes an excellent point about what happened in the State of Israel during the Jordanian occupation between 1948 and 1967. Let’s take a look back of what was the status quo in the State of Israel and what it is today.

Jewish Sovereignty Means Freedom of Religion

Before 1948, since the end of World War I, in 1918, England had control over the Land of Israel. The common term used for the British occupation of the area was the British Mandate. This lasted for approximately 30 years. Just like the British Empire began to crumble in India, and in other outlying regions, it was clear that the British Empire would not dominate the Middle East for much longer. Both the majority of Jews and the minority of Arabs in the area of the Land of Israel wanted the British to go. The Jews wanted their own State. The Arabs wanted to have nobody to referee or stop them from attacking the Jews.

Following feverish negotiations and a tug-of-war for years over who should be in charge of the Land, the British Mandate was officially ended in May 1948. The day after the State of Israel was formed. Minutes after, small Arab attacks against the Jewish settlements became a semi-organized Arab war led by 5 invading Arab armies and Arab locals. Israel survived, but paid a heavy price. A full 1% of it’s people were killed in this war. 6,000 of 600,000 Jews were killed. Nearly every family lost a relative or two. But the State was formed. However, Israel did lose a few critical battles. The most important place that Israel lost was the Old city of Jerusalem. The location right outside the Old City of Jerusalem that Gedalia features in this video was part of the Jordanian occupation until the Six Day War – 19 years later. The Jordanians blew up many synagogues in the Old City and did not permit any Jews to come into their occupied Land. When Israel liberated these areas 19 years later, they allowed free passage for all Muslims and Christians. That has become the new status quo to this day.

Gedalia is right. The only way for freedom of religion in the Land of Israel is via Jewish sovereignty.

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