Jewish Father Stops Terror Attack Against Himself and His Little Daughter

by Avi Abelow

An Arab Muslim tried to attack an Israeli car with a father driving his daughter to school. The attack took place on a the road in Samaria, traveled by Jews and Muslims, that goes through the Arab town of Hawara.

The terrorist opened the car door and tried stabbing the father and the daughter. Thankfully the father shot the terrorist, and saved his daughters life. The following video shows the terrorist laying on the ground after being shot. This is what should happen to terrorists that try to murder innocent Jews.

This is What Should Happen to a Terrorist

We are thankful that today’s attack ended with a dead terrorist and not a dead father and daughter. In the attack, the Arab Muslim terrorist attempted to stab the young girl. However, the girl’s father, who was driving her to school at the time of the attempted attack, shot the terrorist. The terrorist was then pronounced dead at the scene.

Rabbi Rafi Peretz, head of the Jewish Home party stated afterwards that “the terror attack and attempted murder of a Jewish family this morning in Samaria is the direct result of Israel’s policy of accepting ongoing terror.”

“The father’s immediate response…saved lives and sends a clear message: We’re here to stay. Anyone who tries to murder Jews is a dead man. It’s time to move from acceptance to attack, from avoidance to sovereignty.”

The Road of Truth

Many around the world like to falsely claim that Israel is an apartheid state. This road that goes through the Arab town of Huwara is traveled by both Jews and Arab Muslims who live in the area. It is a main road, with a lot of traffic and congestion. It is one of many roads that Jews and Muslims use to travel together in Israeli controlled areas in Judea & Samaria.

Fortunately, there are relatively few terror attacks on this road even with the many Jewish and Arab Muslim motorists who travel on it together, even in traffic. However, every once in a while a terror attack does happen. At least in today’s attack the terrorist got what he deserved and a Jewish family was saved.

Once Again a Civilian Stops the Terrorist

While the IDF soldiers are supposed to protect civilians, this is another case of a civilian with a gun who protected himself and saved the life of his own daughter.

While many Israelis would prefer to not have to own guns, we understand that sometimes the only way to protect oneself from our enemies is if we have a gun. Not always are IDF soldiers present to defend us and not always do the IDF soldiers decide to shoot, because the rules of engagement are so strict.

Arab Incitement
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