Footage of IDF blowing up Hezbollah terror tunnel in Operation Northern Shield

by Leah Rosenberg

Operation Northern Shield is Israel’s most recent operation at the border with Lebanon. The goal? Destroy Hezbollah terror tunnels.

Hezbollah’s Goal

Hezbollah’s goal is to destroy Israel. They will use any method possible. Including terror tunnels. These tunnels lead from Lebanon and cross into Israel. They start under civilian houses! YES! Civilians! This tunnel that the IDF destroyed was dug from the Shiite village of Ayta ash Shab. It is a war crime. And it is only one of the many violations of international law that Hezbollah is guilty of. This terrorist organization wants to kidnap and kill Israelis. They are starting their criminal acts from civilian homes! And that is why Israel had to stop them in Operation Northern Shield.

The international community should be appalled! But they are too busy claiming Israel is the one causing unrest in the Middle East…

IDF Warns Before Exploding Tunnels

Notice how the Israel Defense Forces warn those on the other side of the border before they destroy the terror tunnel. What other nation in the world has such a moral army? They are destroying a TERROR TUNNEL! And yet they still want to warn people in the area so that no one gets injured. The IDF truly goes above and beyond what they have to do. And there is even proof on camera!

Have you ever seen Israel’s enemies do any moral thing like this? It is not in their blood. Because they really are not interested in peace the way Israel is. They are only interested in the destruction of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.


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