Israel Going to Elections – Let’s Talk… #1

by Avi Abelow

This was one of the best and longest running governments Israel has ever had. Personally, I’m sad that it is not sticking around until the date it was supposed to end in November 2019. Politics is complicated, and politics in Israel is even more complicated. While this government certainly had its failings, it also had a lot of successes, that had to overcome great challenges. Considering those challenges, this government did a very good job, better than most other Israeli governments.

Most people do not understand Israeli politics, so in preparation for the upcoming elections, I will create this video series to help simplify things for most people to better understand the complexities, the issues of the day, teh challenges of this outgoing government, the outlook of the what the next government will look like etc.

Why is Israel going to elections? What does Israel’s Supreme Court have to do with it? What was good about this past government? Why am I disappointed that it was disbanded and what are my concerns about the next government? Tune in to begin to understand some of these basic issues, as I start a series of videos to educate people as we approach the next elections in Israel on April 9th.

If you have any questions you want me to address in future videos write them in the comments below.

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