Corbyn runs away after called out for being a terrorist-sympathizer

by Leah Rosenberg

Watch as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn runs away from someone asking him about his ties with terrorists. He couldn’t manage to respond?

Corbyn Runs Away from the Truth

After being interrogated about his connections with terrorists, Corbyn runs away. He wouldn’t even answer the questions thrown at him. Can you imagine if this man becomes the prime minister of the UK ever? Not only does he sympathize with terrorists, but he has no answers for people who ask him about it. If Jeremy Corbyn is not afraid to show his true colors now, imagine how much worse it could be if he actually becomes the leader of the UK!

How Corbyn views Terrorists

Here are a few examples of how the Labour leader views terrorists.
1) Jeremy Corbyn has been willing to sit down and speak with terrorists, but he refused to sit with former PM Theresa May.
2) Corbyn has excused and justified suicide bombers who have killed and injured thousands of innocent Israelis.
3) The Labour Party leader referred to designated terrorist organizations as his “friends.”

Who would ever choose to have a man like this as their leader?

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