All the beauty that can exist in one small country

by Phil Schneider

Can the beauty of a country be encapsulated in a bit more than one minute? Well this video certainly does a good job of attempting it. The idea of featuring Israel’s massive desert as the beginning of the video is more than just a nice idea. It is actually the story of how the Jewish people entered the Promised Land. They came via the desert – for 40 years – and entered a Land that had beautiful mountains and valleys – with rivers flowing through it in all kinds of beautiful ways.

Weather Patterns in the State of Israel

There are very few countries in the world where a person can go skiing in the morning, travel 2-3 hours by car, and lie down on a beach in the afternoon. But in Israel, the mountains of the Hermon are so high that they are snow-capped for most of the 3-4 months of the winter. On the other hand, the Dead Sea is so low that it is nearly always warm and mild there throughout the same winter months. It is only a 2-3 hour ride from one to the other.

On the other hand, there are unique areas in the Land of Israel that are both warm and arid in the daytime and cool in the evening. Nearly 50% of the Land of Israel is desert – Israel’s south. It is very difficult in the daytime without A/C. But the night times are so cool and pleasant that one needs to snuggle under the covers to stay warm.

Are these weather patterns a mere coincidence? Many people would argue that nearly any country that is near the equator will have similar weather patterns. But, it seems that when it comes to the State of Israel, things are more extreme. The Dead Sea is not just a low place – it is the lowest place on the Planet. The heights of the Hermon mountain range and the mountains in Lebanon are not just mountainous – they are extremely high. The closeness seems to indicate that the Land of Israel is a place that tends towards extreme highs and lows. It is a Land, the Bible says, that “God watches over all of the time – all year round.” Perhaps that is what accounts for the extreme highs and lows in the Promised Land. A truly special Land indeed.

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