Young Muslim girl recites poem that shows she has been robbed of her childhood

by Avi Abelow

Does anyone else in the world thinks it’s an issue when a young Muslim girl recites a poem like this? And what about the fact that she is praised for it?

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Muslim Girl and her Poem

This young Muslim girl, a child, recited a poem passionately. Was it about love? No. Was it about peace? No. Maybe it was about acceptance and tolerance? Again, no. She recited a poem about martyrdom. She recited a poem about a Muslim boy who receives the gift of a rifle from his mother in order to kill.

Can you imagine if a child in the Western world did such a thing? Their parents would probably be taken in by the police! Social services would come to investigate! But in the Muslim world, this is normal. Not only is it normal, but it is encouraged.

Is This Childhood?

Is this what childhood is supposed to be like? It is extremely sad. The lessons that these parents teach their children. The way they encourage the murder of Jews.

What is also interesting to note is that the boy in this poem was hoping for a toy. And when his mother gave him a rifle, he was not happy at first. But then she brainwashed her child. She encouraged her child to be a martyr. This mother wants her child to die! Can you imagine? And in the end, the boy accepts. These children are brainwashed from such a young age. If only they were educated differently, the Middle East would not look the way it does. If only…

Arab Incitement
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