Israel’s new defense minister has been fearless the first few weeks on the job

by Micha Gefen

Many were surprised when Naftali Bennet was appointed Defense Minister three weeks ago. After all most observers have acknowledged that the Prime Minister views him as a rival. Although Bennett is young, he is proving his critics wrong with his tough new policies. Despite their rivalry, Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to agree.

Defense Minister Bennett is taking a new aggressive policy against Iran, by going on the offensive deep in Syria and Iraqi territory. The same can be said for his policy against Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. For three weeks straight there have been no clashes on the Gazan fence between “protestors” turned terrorists and the IDF. This can be attributed to the strong stance Bennett has taken on defense.

Hamas and company know there will be a serious reaction to any attack.

It was pointed out by Jeremy Saltan, the New Right’s English spokesperson, that the quiet on the Gazan border is there, because Hamas knows Bennett means business. “We are three week’s to the day from when Naftali Bennett took control of the Defense Ministry, from the beginning of Operation Black Belt, which was deemed a complete success. We took out a couple does Islamic Jihad terrorists, which is quite an effective number considering the short amount of time the operation took place.”

Despite Naftali’s Bennett’s success, his tenure may be cut short if there is a unity government, effectively replacing him.

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