Miss Iraq is changing the way that Muslims view the Jewish people

by Leah Rosenberg

What Miss Iraq is doing for the Muslims and for the Jewish people is courageous. Defenders of the truth always deserve recognition and praise!

The Jewish People

Many Muslims hate the Jews. Some will hate the Jews no matter what, and some because they are just uneducated. The Jewish people have every right to exist and to exist in their homeland, Israel.

Sarah Idan, Miss Iraq, gets that. She has made a good name for herself in the Jewish world and in the world of those who want to work toward peace. And it all started because she took a picture with Miss Israel in 2017!

Helping Create Peace

Idan has been dedicating herself to working toward peace through educating Muslims. She has the right view of Jews. When you hear her speak about Iraqi Jews and what they contributed, it gives hope that there are those who want to create a better Middle East once again.

Most of the world won’t talk about the Jews who were expelled from Arab lands. But Miss Iraq will. She is well aware of history and of the truth.

Not Placing Blame on Others

So many in the Muslim world blame their issues on the American people or the Jewish people. But Sarah Idan blames her own people and her government. That is definitely not the norm. Everyone should acknowledge the bravery and honesty of Miss Iraq!

Arab Incitement
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