Bernie Sanders should drop Linda Sarsour after her speech – but he won’t

by Avi Abelow

Bernie Sanders’ surrogate is one of the biggest antisemites of today. This speech should concern every Sanders’ supporter, but will it?

What Bernie is Supporting

Bernie Sanders knows Linda Sarsour is an antisemite. He knows she hates Israel. And if he doesn’t, well then, add that to the list of issues with Sanders.

This speech is just horrific. The blatant antisemitism. The lies. Sarsour gave this speech at the American Muslims for Palestine conference in Chicago. She equated Israel with white supremacy. She claimed Israel supports killing innocent “Palestinian” Arab civilians. Lie after lie! Linda Sarsour said Jews think they are supreme to everyone else. But who are the ones who want to kick the entire Jewish population out of Israel? The “Palestinians!” The Jews accepted a two-state solution time after time. It is the “Palestinians” who refuse to have Jewish neighbors.

Of Course, Tlaib Was There Too

Rashida Tlaib obviously was at this conference as well. And of course, she had her fair share of antisemitic, anti-Israel comments as well.

What will it take for people to realize that those running the US government should not be these antisemites? Whether you are Jewish or not, you should not support them. Their values are wrong. They spread lies. They hate Israel, but they hate America too. Wake up to the cold truth.

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