The latest news stories coming out of Israel

by Phil Schneider

Israeli news includes news of missiles falling on Israeli towns. This is not always a daily occurrence. But it is so common that it doesn’t surprise people when Israel is bombed by it’s neighbors. This – of course – is an absurd reality that no normal country would accept as normal. But Israel is stuck in a tough situation. If they respond, world pressure upon Israel grows enormously with every day. If they do nothing, their citizens suffer.

The most important part of any government is the security of it’s citizens. This is something that almost any normal person understands implicitly. But in Israel, this is the #1 issue. That is perhaps the reason that Benjamin Netanyahu has stayed in power for so long. People simply believe that he is the right man to make sure that Israel’s security needs are met – day -in, day-out.

David Ben-Gurion was not much of a military man, but he also was a person that had the ability to inspire the masses to fight for the Land of Israel. They in turn – trusted him with their security. Most outside observers think he did a pretty good job. As Israel moves forward, they’ll need a leaders that not only inspires the Israeli people that he will keep them safe, but will also rid the threat once and for all from Israel’s south.

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