“Palestinian” Arab children deserve more than terrorism

by Avi Abelow

It’s true. “Palestinian” Arab children are suffering. But why? It is definitely not because of Israel. Take a look at how Arab culture educates children!

Arab Children Deserve Better

Arab children deserve more. They deserve to go to summer camps and school; do activities and play. But instead, they go to camps that teach them to become terrorists. They learn in school how to hate Jews. No, they are not given a proper life. Learning how to hold and shoot a gun as a child is abuse. Teaching a child how to stab Israelis is abuse.

Why don’t parents teach their children more tolerance? Love? Acceptance? Peace? No one benefits from what these parents are teaching their children. No one – not Arabs and not Israelis.

Human Rights Organizations?

Where are the “human rights” organizations? Where are those who claim to care about the lives of innocent children and who claim they stand up for Arab rights? These are the types of things they should be fighting against. These are the types of things that the United Nations should be holding emergency sessions for.

All children deserve a chance to create a peaceful and moral life. But too many young Arabs have been denied that chance. They are forced to live life as terrorists; as murderers. If we want the next generation of Arabs to be different, we better act fast. Pretty soon, it will be too late.

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