Illinois high school makes girls share locker room with transgender who is biological man

by Leah Rosenberg

This is horrifying. Of course schools should accept and accommodate everyone. But what this Illinois high school did is completely wrong.

Illinois High School Crosses Line

This Illinois High School crossed every line with their decision. A transgender who is biologically a man should not have the same locker room as girls. Of course he should receive accommodations. And that is why when the school offered him his own private locker room, he should have accepted and been thankful. But he was not. Instead, he wanted to change in the girls’ locker room. But let’s call a spade a spade. Biologically, he is not a girl. And the girls in the school feel uncomfortable having a man present while they change. So what the school did was make every girl feel uncomfortable in order to be “accepting” of the transgender. But why don’t the feelings, comfort, and safety of every other person matter?

What Has the World Become?

What has happened to the world? Yes, we need to be accepting of everyone. But the problem is that by accepting those who might be different and yielding to their requests, the world has trampled upon everyone else. No one else matters it seems. That is what happened in this school in Illinois. In that example, others are being harmed because of the school’s decision to surrender to the request of a transgender instead of the transgender being accepting of the special accommodations originally offered. And that is just unacceptable and crosses the line.

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