Labour Party leader excuses suicide bombers

by Leah Rosenberg

The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn is completely insane. There is just no other way to put it. Who justifies suicide bombers under ANY circumstances?

Labour Party Leader of 2009 & 2019

A video from 2009 emerged of Jeremy Corbyn sympathizing with Palestinan Arab suicide bombers. That is completely disturbing. All the Israeli men, women and children who have been murdered – Corbyn is saying he understands why the Palestinian Arabs killed them. He agrees with it. Does it not make you sick to your stomach? Rationalizing suicide bombings of any kind just shows what type of person Corbyn is. How can any sane person make such a statement?

And the Labour Party leader did not just have a “slip of the tongue.” Firstly, he screams antisemitism just by looking at him. Secondly, his actions, his comments – everything about him is anti-semitic. Furthermore, he just downright supports terrorists! He is probably one of the worst people to be in a position of power!

Labour Party Members Resign

You know that Corbyn’s antisemitism must be bad if his own party members have been resigning. Even those who have been part of the Labour party for decades decided to leave. Enough is Enough. They were done with the antisemitism that Corbyn brought into the party.

A man like Jeremy Corbyn cannot becoming the prime minister. How much more hate and racism can the world handle?

Arab Incitement
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