Arab Muslims Destroy Newly Planted Judean Forest in Broad Daylight

by Avi Abelow

In addition to regular violent terrorism, the Arab Muslims also engage in eco-terrorism. Just this weekend, Arab Muslims uprooted a newly forest planted in memory of Ori Ansbacher hy“d, the 19-year-old girl from Tekoa who was brutally terrorized, raped and murdered a few weeks ago. The Arabs came on Shabbat, when the Jews were in Synagogue or in their homes, uprooted the trees and stole the trees in the middle of the day! Look at that elderly man run with those newly uprooted Jewish trees! What a disgrace. Even the elderly, women and children are part of this overall terror against Jews in Israel. Muslims destroy what Jews plant and build.

The residents of Nokdim woke up this morning and discovered that the grove they planted in memory of Uri Ansbacher z “l at the edge of the settlement, opposite Tekoa settlement of Uri, was uprooted and the trees were stolen.
On Friday, they were attacked by Arabs who had also uprooted trees. The army stopped the riot and the trees were replanted.
This morning, Arabs came and uprooted the trees.

More Eco-Terrorism

Last week, Arabs vandalized a vineyard in Gush Etzion, uprooting dozens of vines in the vineyard as well as cherry trees in the area, totally destroying all the Jewish vegetation.

According to a Shai (Shomron-Yehuda) police spokesman report, 200 trees were uprooted or damaged in the attack. Police crime scene technicians arrived at the scene to gather evidence.

Arab Muslim Terror MUST BE STOPPED

This Arab Muslim terror must be stopped. It didn’t start yesterday and it didn’t start 100 years ago. Arab Muslims have been using terror against Jews for many years.

We are thankful for the work of the IDF, but the Israeli government has to decide to put a stop to this terror once and for all. Bandaid operations are not enough. Putting terrorists in jail to then earn Bachelor or Master degrees, and then be freed in prisoner exchanges, is not enough. The goal of the Arab Muslims is to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Israel must do everything in its power to ensure that our Arab Muslim neighbors understand that they will never succeed so that they stop. Israel must take the hope away that they will succeed in destroying us. The irony is that their lives under Israel are better off than under their own Arab Muslim regimes, yet they continue to try to kill Jews and destroy Israel. The Western world deceives itself into thinking that the conflict is about land and quality of life, but it’s not. It’s a religious conflict where the Arab Muslim world can not, and never will, accept the existence of the Jewish State of Israel, no matter how great their quality of life is living under Israeli control.

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