A grave warning to those visiting Auschwitz

by Leah Rosenberg

Going to Auschwitz concentration camp to learn of the horrors of the mass extermination by the Nazis is serious. But tragically, some people don’t get it.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Auschwitz was a place of mass extermination. Jews were tortured ways you can never even imagine. Families were torn apart. Men, women, and children were gassed. Jewish people – human beings – were slaughtered in horrific ways. It seems obvious that when you go to a place like that, you should be able to respect those souls that were lost. You should be able to realize the gravity of the atrocities that took place really just decades ago during the Holocaust. The proof is still there. You can still walk the grounds in such a horrific place.

Yet this video proves that some people just don’t get it. You might not want to believe it, but that is the truth. Some people step on the grounds in Auschwitz and act as if they are at the mall, the grocery store, a restaurant, and any other place where they can do whatever they want.

The Warning

How is it that people act so inappropriately in a place of such tragedy? These types of people should listen to the warning: DON’T GO! As the man in this video says, “If you can’t behave in the right way when you go to Auschwitz Concentration Camp or any other place where the mass extermination by the Nazi Germans during the second World War took place, don’t go. If you can’t treat that place with respect, if you can’t focus all of your energy and your effort on the victims, the people who were tortured and murdered in the most bestial way, then don’t go…It is not a holiday, it is not a special treat. And it certainly is not ticking something off your bucket list.”

It takes courage to say this out loud. It takes courage to let people know that they don’t deserve to go. But this needs to be said more often.

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