How the World Council of Churches’ anti-Israel, pro-terrorist agenda was exposed

by Phil Schneider

These seemingly “human rights” organizations are actually pure anti-Israel organizations. But they do a pretty good job of hiding their genuine goals.

Well, they are no longer in disguise. A new group has formed to document and publicize what the real goals of this organization are. It’s hard to believe, but they actually work with the terrorists themselves and join forces with them.

Sunlight is the Best Cure

There are a myriad of tourist groups that come through Israel every day. It is very easy for an anti-Israel group to walk around with cameras as if they are just like any other tourist group.

However, some have clear anti-Israel agendas, and are actually breaking the law. This organization is doing exactly that.

The best solution for these kinds of groups is exposure to sunlight. This is what brings the true nature of these groups out in the open. Today, anybody with some perseverance, a video camera and a willingness to go public can stop a well-funded movement in it’s tracks.

We applaud this group. Can anyone imagine if a group from Europe went around with video cameras and filmed US soldiers and US military installations. They would be tossed out of the country in an instant. So too, this group belongs out of the State of Israel.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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