Jews stun police by singing song about Temple on the Temple Mount

by Phil Schneider

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. These Jews tried to sing a song yearning for connection with God there. But sadly, they were stopped.

Mimkomcha – From Your Place

The Jewish people were singing the song “Mimkomcha” on the Temple Mount. The text is found in what is called the Kedusha prayer, and this specific text is the Kedusha prayer that is recited on Shabbat.

The transliteration: Mimkomcha malkeinu tofiya. Ve’timloch aleinu. Ki mechakim anachnu lach. Matai timloch b’tzion? B’karov b’yameinu l’olam va’ed tishkon. Titgadal v’titkadash b’toch yerushalayim ircha. L’dor vador u’leneitzach n’tzachim. V’einenu tirenah malchutecha. Kadavar ha’amur b’shirei uzecha. Al y’dei dovid m’shiach tzidkecha.

Translation (Koren Prayer Book): Reveal Yourself from Your place, O our King, and reign over us, for we are waiting for You. When will You reign in Zion? May it be soon in our days, and may You dwell there forever and all time. May You be exalted and sanctified in the midst of Jerusalem, Your city, from generation to generation for evermore. May our eyes see Your kingdom, as it is said in the songs of Your splendor, written by David your righteous anointed one…

Peaceful Praying

The Jewish people were just singing a peaceful song. They did not even get to finish. Muslims do not allow Jews to express any form of religious connection to the Temple, so the police had to stop them. The song just shows how connected the Jewish people truly are to the Temple Mount. When they sing “Mimkomcha” or “From Your place,” they are talking about the Temple Mount. They are talking about from Jerusalem. The Jews are yearning for God to reveal Himself and show the word the truth. They do not want His name to be desecrated anymore.

It is so sad that Muslims forbid Jews from expressing their connection to the Temple Mount. And it is sad that Jewish police have to stop the Jews. Hopefully, the day will come soon when Islamic intolerance is obliterated and Jews and other non-Muslims can also be allowed to have freedom of worship.

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