CNN goes inside Hezbollah attack tunnel on Israel’s Northern border

by Leah Rosenberg

Imagine if an attack tunnel was being built under your house. Imagine if you heard the drilling under your feet. This is what Israel is up against.

Israel’s Neighbors

Israel does not have the friendliest neighbors. From within Israel’s borders and surrounding its borders, Israel’s enemies have been trying to destroy the Jewish state and the Jewish people basically forever.

It is a hate that knows no bounds. It is essentially a baseless hatred based on nothing except the fact that Israel is Jewish. Despite Israel helping the world in so many areas, its enemies are still its enemies. They do not care what Israel says or does, because despite all the good, their goal is the destruction of the one Jewish state.

The Attack Tunnel

Aside from the apparent attempted destruction and continuous terrorist attacks, Israel has been facing another type of terror: attack tunnels. Hezbollah has been building attack tunnels on Israel’s northern border from Lebanon into Israel. The goal? To kidnap, harm, and murder Israeli men, women, and children. And that is aside from Israel’s southern border which faces the threat of Hamas attack tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel. What would your country do? How would you want YOUR leaders to respond? The assumption would be to protect you.

The world should be condemning any attack tunnel on any border and encouraging Israel to do whatever necessary to protect themselves. That would be the logical thing to do. But often times, the world instead criticizes Israel. For what? Defending itself. Maybe one day people will understand…

Arab Incitement
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