Former President Obama funded Iran’s war on Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Could it be true that our former President actually funded Iran’s war on Israel?  It is hard to believe, but it is true.  Iran’s proxies in Lebanon – the Hizbullah – would be handcuffed without the tens of millions of dollars from Iran.  There is no question that the billions of dollars that Obama gave to Iran fund tunnel-building from Lebanon into Israel.  There is no question that the sanctions from the Trump administration on Iran hold back the threats from the Hizbullah.

Money Trail

Nobody – not even CNN – can deny that Hizbullah is building tunnels into Israel from Lebanon.  It takes millions of dollars to build underground tunnels that cross the border between Israel and Lebanon.

So, next time we hear about a plan to send tens of millions of dollars or billions of dollars towards tyrannies, we need to know the money will end up in the hands of terrorists.  It’s just a question of time.  It is impossible to trace money that tyrants receive.  Iran’s war on Israel is an excellent example of this.

Nothing New

In the 1980’s, under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, the United States supported Saddam Hussein and Iraq in their battle against Iran.  Yes, we need to do what is in our country’s best interest.  This was a perfect example of the United States deciding to side with a tyrant because the tyrant was fighting another tyranny.  It sounds logical, but it is a very dangerous game to play.  Sure enough, less than a decade later, the weapons were used against us.  The United States fought against Iraq in the Persian Gulf War, and Iraq used military weapons that the US supplied.  Another decade or so later, the United States fought a 2nd war against Iraq. Again, the United States faced a one-time ally that had turned into an enemy.

A Better Plan

It is time that the United States make a prudent decision to not massively arm friendly tyrannies who fight other friendly tyrannies.  It is better to threaten the dangerous tyrant with major international sanctions and back it up with a real threat of international military intervention.  But once the money or the weapons goes to the tyrant, it will find it’s way to dangerous hands.

Realpolitik requires more forward thinking – not just short-term expediency.

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