CNN finally gets it right about the Democratic leadership

by Leah Rosenberg

The Democratic leadership has even made CNN feel the need to report their hypocrisy. That is how bad it has gotten.

Democratic Leadership Needs to Change its Ways

CNN has finally decided to report some accurate news. They finally woke up to the hypocrisy of the Democratic leadership, and they even decided to broadcast it. Is this the first example of utter hypocrisy? No, but at least it is a start that CNN is willing to report it. No one can claim that Conservative stations like Fox News are lying. CNN is by no means Conservative – do you believe it now?

But that also means it is bad enough that CNN actually reported it. The hypocrisy is worse than anyone thought. The fact that at the end, the CNN reporter said, “A lot of these leaders, they’re looking across the aisle to blame Republicans who aren’t taking mask-wearing seriously. But maybe it’s time they also look in the mirror…” This report was truly shocking to hear from a news network like CNN who rarely admits the flaws of the Democrats. How often do they side with Conservatives? Not often, if at all.

It has gotten to a point that the hypocrisy can no longer be overlooked. It can no longer be blamed on anyone else. What the leaders of the Democratic party have done and do is available for the public to see.

The way the Democratic leadership has handled COVID-19 is wrong. They force all these rules upon people but do not follow the rules themselves. They have put people in difficult financial situations by closing restaurants, businesses, and more, but then they go out and dine in the fanciest restaurants with multiple other people. Without masks. This example is just a microcosm of the Democratic leadership as a whole. And it has now been exposed by even CNN.

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