President Trump Is Not Backing Down, This Will Go Until Jan 6th

by Gavriel Dan

With more and more evidence piling up that there was serious fraud in Georgia as well as other states, President Trump campaigned for two Republican Senators slated to run in the state’s January 5th runoff.

At the rally, President Trump said the following:

“We’re gathered here to ensure that David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win the most important congressional runoff probably in American history,” Trump told the large outdoor crowd at an airport in Valdosta, in southern Georgia.

“You have to get out, you have to vote, you have to make sure you have every vote counted,” he continued. “Very simply, you will decide whether your children will grow up in a socialist country or whether they will grow up in a free country.”

The President then touched up on the countless pieces of evidence of voter fraud, such as double voting, pre-filled out ballots, and counting ballots after poll watchers had left. Most disturbing is the reports of Dominion Software and the potential manipulation by China.

“They cheated and rigged our presidential election,” Trump said.

The real question is, what happens next? Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama insists on challenging the slates of electors on Jan. 6th in congress. However, this happens almost every elections cycle, with no change. However, given the amount of new evidence, especially videos from Georgia showing clear signs of alleged fraud, there may be changes before January.

Whatever happens next, America appears to be breaking along red and blue lines with no interest in finding a real path to unity.

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