CNN Admits Trump Was Right

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden’s corruption will be on display every day that he stays in the White House. Now, even the most anti-Trump media channels are fessing up to the obvious fact that Hunter Biden became a wealthy man from China and Ukraine due to his father’s connections. He monetized his Dad’s acces. It may be termed smart business. But it was illegal to do – both for Joe and Hunter – and clearly shows that Joe Biden was either a liar or a senile Vice President. Odds are that both are true.

Donald Trump’s legal troubles are all being aired to the public these days. But the truth is that the genuine major legal issues that should be the talk of the town are the Biden corruption charges. The question begs. Why are the Republican charges against Hunter Biden only being discussed now if the Republicans were yelling and screaming about this four years ago?

The answer is that today, most in the Democrat Party are looking for a not-so-ungraceful way to get Joe Biden to walk off the absured notion of him running for a 2nd term. One thing the Democrats learned in the 2020 election is the enormous value of hiding their candidate in an election. This is especially true if the candidate is weak on policy or communication. Joe Biden could talk policy, but was already slipping in 2020, so needed to be hidden for as long as possible. The coronavirus pandemic was the perfect excuse.

In 2024, the frontrunner for the nomination looks like Kamala Harris, who would probably be the candidate with the least experience to run in many years. Even Barack Obama had better credentials. Obama knew how to put on a show and excite the electorate. Kamala Harris has some legal experience as a DA and knows how to try to imitate Barack Obama’s poise and Reagan’s laugh. But that is all she really has shown. Most of America sees her as quite a lightweight on policy. Any task she was given by Joe Biden turned into a miserable failure. The only way she will be able to sustain herself through the election is if it is not a grueling two year process, but a shortened 1 year process with minimal debates.

The Democrats hope to win by splitting apart Donald Trump and whoever becomes his main rival for the nomination. Donald Trump will run if he is legally able to. The Democrats want him to run in order to be able to squeeze in via the center vote. Whoever does win the Republican nomination needs to think clearly about the suburban Moms and other middle of the roaders.

The most critical person in the 2024 contest may be the Vice Presidential nominee on the Republican side. Trump will not nominate Haley. But Donald Trump or whomever else wins will look to find someone who will shore up the Republican credentials with the middle-of-the-roaders.

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