Check out what the IDF did in 2019

by Leah Rosenberg

What the IDF did in 2019 is nothing short of impressive. Their accomplishments should blow everyone away! Take a look. There’s more to come.

What the IDF Did in 2019

The media won’t tell you the truth about what the IDF did in 2019. Neither will the United Nations. They will paint the Israeli army as an aggressive entity. They will tell you lies.

But the truth is, the IDF has done amazing things in 2019. They have helped other countries. They have helped themselves and protected their own people. The IDF thwarted terrorist attacks. These soldiers called out Iran and terrorism throughout the world, even when others would not. Just wait to see the accomplishments that are yet to come!

Showing the Truth

It is crucial that the world knows the truth about Israel and the Israeli army. They are a moral army. They care about others besides themselves. What the UN says about the IDF is wrong. What the BDS Movement says are lies. The facts speak for themselves. Visit Israel and see for yourself. There is nothing that Israel needs to hide. The army can show you how they treat everyone with respect and care.

And they will continue to do so in 2020.

Israel Memorial Day
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