This is how you stand up for Israel when the UN Council doesn’t

by Phil Schneider

Lt. Col Kemp is a unique phenomenon. He understands what few others understand about the Middle East. He has seen action in other Middle Eastern theatres of war, and he knows where the truth lies from the vantage point of the frontlines of battle.

The knee-jerk reaction that so many have towards Israel whenever Israel responds to attacks on it’s borders has become predictable. The Hamas or Hizbullah bomb Israel. Israel responds with heavy force. Then the Hamas or Hizbullah scream out that Israel is attacking innocent civilians. Then the chorus of anti-Israel news agencies – led by CNN – begin the predictable attack on Israel and Israel has to defend their retaliatory actions.

David vs. Goliath

The general idea of Israel being an underdog who should receive the world’s sympathy due to it’s suffering is ancient history. Since the early to mid 80’s, the major news networks, ABS, CBS, and NBC all joined forces to attack Israel as the new Goliath in the Middle East. This was probably not a premeditated decision to join forces on the issue. But, it was also not mere coincidence. Once Israel went from being a struggling young country to a powerful country with a potent army, the sympathy shifted from the Jewish people to the Arabs who claimed that they were subjected to Israeli dominance.

The truth is that Israel’s Army is indeed a modern-day power in the Middle East. But it is no Goliath. It is still surrounded by many hostile nations that all together do have more firepower and money than Israel does. That is why Israel makes it a point to have such strong international alliances – especially with the United States. But what Col. Kemp points out so forcefully is that Israel is also no Goliath on the level of morality. Israel is the side that never initiates battle – never. As Dennis Prager so eloquently stated that if the Arabs would simply lay down their arms, there would be peace in the Middle East – immediately. It is really that simple. So, Israel responds forcefully, and will continue to do so because the Arabs refuse to lay down their arms. And since Israel’s enemies cowardly and horribly shield themselves behind children, the Hamas and Hizbullah choose to kill their own people. Israel has no choice but to use overwhelming force to do whatever they can to incentivize their enemies to stop shooting. The Jewish people are finished being a weakling who begs for sympathy. The Jewish people are a force to be reckoned with in the Land of Israel. Because, as Golda Meir said, “Israel will not die so the world will speak well of it.” This applies today more than ever.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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