Bill Maher Guest Says USA is “on the Road to Death Camps and Fascism”

by Avi Abelow

Dan Savage was a guest on a recent Bill Maher TV show where they spoke about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s use of “Concentration Camps” to describe the illegal migrant detention centers on the American Southern border. Savage is a nationally syndicated sex-advice columnist, an author, media pundit, journalist, and LGBT community activist.  What he said is abhorrent. What is even more abhorrent is the loud applause he received from the audience. Savage’s despicable comment exhibits how far many leftists are living in an alternative reality and scaring the masses.


In discussing the use of the term “concentration camps” to describe the detention centers, Savage defended the usage of the term by saying the following horrifying statements:

SAVAGE: The concentration camps came first. It was a step on the road to the death camps. And we need to use the language to describe actually what’s happening right now.

MAHER: You really think we’re on the road to death camps?

SAVAGE: We’re on the road to fascism and death camps are an aspect of fascism.

MAHER: Wow and people call me an alarmist….

What is becoming clear is that the left is so blind to their own hysteria, that their efforts to shut down dissenting opinions and value systems on Universities, Social Media and other public squares in America makes them the actual fascists, not President Trump! The left likes to paint fascism as “ethno-centric”, “white-nationalism” etc. they ignore that the key component of fascism is suppressing opposition and criticism, which is what the left is doing in spades across American society, not President Trump.

Full “Concentration Camp” Debate on Bill Maher Show

Kudos to Bill Maher for saying straight out, that regardless whether the technical term “concentration camp” applies, everyone knows that it refers to the Holocaust and death camps and therefore should not be used.

In addition, in AOC’s original comment, she also used the term “Never Again” clearly equating the situation of the migrant detention centers to the Holocaust!

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