The video that has every Jewish mother on the floor

by Phil Schneider

The stereotypical Jewish mother is a major exaggeration. In truth, there are all kinds of Jewish mothers. But this one is a truly hilarious character. It is great to see a woman at her advanced age with such wit and sharpness. She does this all without a script. She is downright hilarious. This is really not just funny for Jewish mothers but for all people who have a sense of humor and can appreciate some good self-deprecating humor from an octogenarian.

Brain Health for the Elderly

This woman clearly has her marbles. It is important to learn some important lessons from her. First off, notice her attitude. She clearly enjoys laughing and causing others to laugh. Meaning, she is not alone, and she consciously lives a full social life – with humor as a core element of her personality. This is a choice to be a optimist. This is a choice. The choice to be optimistic is a choice in the direction of positive health. A person is not born an optimist or pessimist. They either choose to be an optimist or choose to be a pessimist. The optimist has a much better chance of having a healthy brain and heart than the pessimist.

Additionally, she is clearly a person who has trained herself to laugh off the minor things of life and stay focussed on what really matters. This is a key to a long and healthy life. To the extent that one manages to stay connected to the big picture of life and not be caught up in minor trivialities, one is living a healthy lifestyle. Laughter is an essential aspect of healthy living. It doesn’t necessarily have to be via comedians. But anyone who can talk like this woman needs to be learned from. May we all entertain and be entertained at her grand old age like this special woman.

Col. Kemp

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