The media network that’s putting the next generation in danger 

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you know the truth about AJ+? Do you know what their real goals are? This video totally exposes them! Don’t be fooled.

AJ+ is Al Jazeera

AJ+ is not an unbiased media network. Quite the opposite actually. They are owned by Al Jazeera and funded by Qatar, a terrorist entity. AJ+ has a video denying the Holocaust. They are anti-Israel and completely antisemitic. Take a look at this video and what all their staff members say about the Jewish people and Israel. It is repulsive and shocking. Some people fall for it and get brainwashed by this horrendous media network. But the world needs to know the truth! This network is a way to deceive viewers and be antisemitic and anti-Israel.

Targeting Millennials

What is so scary is that AJ+ targets millennials. The next generation. Young people. Those who are easily susceptible to the lies. They make millennials believe they are hearing the truth about Israel when in reality, this antisemitic network shares everything BUT the truth.

They paint themselves as a young and “cool” media outlet. But seeing what their producers, editors, and hosts have tweeted exposes who they really are. Things like “Zionism is the modern day Nazism.” And what about “It feels great to see Tel Aviv under attack on TV.” There have been tweets supporting Hamas and Jihadists. Plenty of tweets denying the Holocaust and the systematic murder of 6 million Jews.

Beware of what you watch. Don’t be tricked and mislead by networks like AJ+.

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