Horrific Holocaust denial has been publicized for all to see

by Leah Rosenberg

Al-Jazeera is not a real news source. It is funded by a terrorist state. It is propaganda. And they are teaching Holocaust denial as well!

Al-Jazeera and Holocaust Denial

Qatar funds Al-Jazeera. Yes, Qatar – the place that helps Hamas and gives them money. A TERRORIST country. So is that where people are going to get their news from? People who support news stations like Al-Jazeera are also supporting terrorism.

After that background, who would ever believe what they say about the Holocaust? They have the facts wrong, and they are belittling the atrocities. And then Al-Jazeera goes on to say that Israel is annihilating the Palestinian Arabs. Actually, the Palestinian Arabs living in Israel are more free than any other Arabs throughout the Muslim world! AJ+ tries to make it seem like they are reputable by talking about more mainstream ideas – like how no one should be discriminated against. But they are just doing that to fool you. Watching these videos of pure Holocaust denial is almost unbearable. Doesn’t it make you wonder how anyone can believe what Al-Jazeera says?

It Wasn’t so Long Ago…

It is frightening that such extreme Holocaust denial is taking place when the Holocaust only happened 75 years ago. There are still survivors alive to tell of the horrors. But sadly, soon there won’t be. And we need to keep their memories alive. Because if this type of denial is taking place so soon after the Holocaust, what will happen in a few years from now?


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