SICKENING Jew hatred at NYU Graduation Ceremony

by Avi Abelow

This is so sad. NYU isn’t even hiding their tacit support of Jew haters. They invited one to speak at the graduation ceremony!

The following video was compiled by Stop Antisemitism

As the Jewish American establishment screams about the growth of antisemitism in America, it is baffling that they are silent about the growing Jew hatred from the left. The left that most of American Jewry associate themselves with. And that is exactly the problem. While they are quick to call out Jew-hatred by the far-right, they are deadly silent when it comes to their own on the left. University professors, special University speakers, the toxic attitude towards Israel supporting Jews on college campuses. It is all on the left, yet dead silence from establishment leaders.

Steven William Thrasher

Steven William Thrasher was invited to to speak at the NYU graduation ceremony. He praised his fellow doctoral graduates for their fight against the various perceived evils.

“Many of us have been together at Occupy Wall Street, and at Black Lives Matter protests, and against that fascist in the White House,” Thrasher said to an audience that obviously agreed with him.

Then Thrasher took singled out Israel.

“I am so proud, so proud, of NYU’s chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voices for Peace,” he said, “for supporting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against the apartheid state government in Israel.”

“This is what we are called to do,” he said. “This is our NYU legacy, that we are connected in radical love.”

So Thrasher’s “radical love” is vilifying the only Jewish state in the world, which also happens to be the safest place in the Middle East for all religions to live freely together, where gays and lesbians have free rights, and where women have full equality.

This is what a speaker at NYU speaks about. A discourse that is basically Jew hatred, because the only reason Israel is singled out with such hatred is because it is the state of the Jews.

This is the biggest growth of antisemitism today.

While, antisemtism exists on the right as well, American Jewish leadership are making a huge mistake in ignoring the growing Jew hatred from the left, which many of them pride on associating with.

My Take on the Growth of Jew Hatred in America Today

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