Caroline Glick went to Dallas Texas and blew the minds of her audience

by Avi Abelow

Caroline speaks about President Trump’s policy towards Israel and how it impacts America. Introduced by Col. Allen West, Caroline is one of the most astute voices on geopolitics, Israel, the Middle East and the United States of America. This is a must see video to better understand the reality around us.  Caroline helps us sift out the fake news from the real news about President Trump’s policies.

Special Event in Dallas, Texas

This was a special evening with Caroline Glick speaking about “President Trump’s Israel Policy and its effect on American Interests and National Security.”  Special guest Colonel Allen West introduced Glick. This occurred on 10/30/18 in Dallas Texas at the Addison Conference Center. Caroline Glick spoke and then took questions at the end.

Col. West on the Jewish People, Israel and Caroline Glick

“The original star of liberty and freedom is the star of David: – Col. Allen West

“Caroline Glick is one of the most astute, dedicated and patriotic people that you can ever run into. When she speaks, she speaks truth, and truth is power when it comes from her mouth. What beats within her heart is the lion of Judah.

Col West surprises when he brings up Hayim Solomon, the Jewish financier of the War of Independence.  Very few people understand the critical role that many Jews played in the early years of the founding of the United States of America.

MUST SEE Analysis by Caroline Glick on Gaza Situation

Iran Waging War Against Israel from Gaza Right Now

Roe vs. Wade

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