This is the exact reason why Israel needs to act disproportionally!

by Leah Rosenberg

This West Wing scene teaches us what should be obvious, but is obviously not.  So much of the leadership of the military employs predictable responses to terror.  The proper response is one that completely intimidates and prevents any future terrorist from acting in the future.  This West Wing scene is so realistic and accurately portrays what should be going on in the mind of a President.  Our enemies need to be scared out of their wits over the response that will befall them if they commit acts of terror.

West Wing

Sometimes we need to turn to Hollywood to teach us some of the most basic aspects of fighting our enemy.  Proportional response doesn’t work.  It is a way to NOT win a war.  It is a way to NOT keep your enemy on their heels.  A country that truly cares about it’s national security does not think about political correctness or any other side issue when it’s national security is at stake.  It takes care of its citizens.  And that means a disproportionate response is the only right response when it comes to national security.

So What Is Your Solution?

This is a question which is commonly tossed at anybody who claims to be unsatisfied with the status quo.  Here is the answer.  The proper solution is one that scares the living daylights out of any potential terrorist.  The terrorists need to cry uncle.  That means an out-of-the-box politically incorrect response for every terrorist act that will cause an international uproar.  If nobody (CNN, MSNBC, New York Times…) complains, then it is probably the wrong response. If everybody complains, it is probably the right response.

Examples of Effective Responses for Israel

One example is family punishment. Banish an entire family from the Land of Israel.  Family ties are deep among Arabs.  If a family knows that if one of their kin kills commits a terror act, then they will wake up in the Sinai and live like Bedouin without a home to return to, they will do their utmost to disarm their radicalized family member.

Another example is to take back land for every terror act.  This is expensive but very effective.  If Israel moves the fence in response to every act of terror, the Arabs will scream like crazy.  (They do that now anyways.)  But the Arabs understand the strategic importance of Land.

A third example is perhaps the most effective and most disgusting.  Bury the terrorist in pig-skin.  According to the Muslim religion this keeps them from getting whatever wonderful things they dream about in the afterworld.  If this saves the lives of Jews, it is worthwhile.  Israel and other Western countries need to be prepared to take off the gloves or else the cycle of terror will just go on endlessly.

Lessons From the Past

None of the above are politically correct.  So they pass that test.  If they prove ineffective, then other ideas need to be explored.  But their are solutions, just as their were solutions for kamikaze bombers and genocidal dictators in World War II.  Either we fight small bands of dictatorial terrorists now or we’ll deal with more powerful dictators of countries with nuclear capabilities in a few more years.




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