Israeli military blows up Hamas TV station so that THIS can never be shown again

by Leah Rosenberg

Why does the world criticize the Israeli military for fighting terrorism? They do what they do to defend their people and defeat hate and terror!

The Israeli Military is Moral

The Israeli military is the most moral army in the world. They value life. EVERY life. Even those lives beyond enemy lines.

Israel does everything in its power to reduce the death toll on both sides. If the world can’t see that, they really need to open their eyes.

Any other army in Israel’s exact situation would definitely not be able to be as moral as Israel is.

So why are they still criticized? Where is the applause for minimizing causalities even of the enemy?

News Headlines are Bias

The news headlines are so obviously bias. They ignore the fact that Hamas has bombarded Israel with rockets, forcing Israelis to sleep in bomb shelters. They ignore the fact that Israel is not even responding as strong as they could be and should be.

Do Israeli lives matter? Why does the media seem to care about terrorists more than innocent Israeli men, women, and children?

Hamas Poisons the Minds of Children

Israel blew up a TV station that was inciting violence. Hamas teaches children to murder, harm, and blow up Jews. They even teach them how to carry out these heinous acts.

So, Israel made sure this station would never do that again.

The world should commend Israel for fighting such terrorism and for trying to stop Hamas from poisoning the minds of such young children.

But, we are still waiting for that praise.

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