Israel under attack as Hamas sends over 300 rockets to murder Israelis

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas fired more than 300 rockets in one evening all across Southern Israel yesterday. The entire south of Israel was forced into bomb shelters. Life has ground to a halt for a major chunk of the country. Around 1/3 of the rockets were stopped via the Iron Dome technology. The rest largely hit empty areas. However, some rockets got through and hit homes in various cities and towns in Israel.

Anti-Tank Missile in Sderot

Sderot was the city that was hit the most. One bus in the city was hit by an anti-tank missile just moments after a group of soldiers got off the bus. One soldier that was next to the bus was hit by  shrapnel and was wounded seriously.

The cities of Netivot and Ashkelon were also hit. Be’er Sheva was also on the sights of the terrorists. All in all, around 100,000 students are off from school due to danger and many people need to stay home near bomb shelters.

The Hamas is shooting all of these missiles from Jewish land that Israel foolishly gave away. None of this would have happened if Ariel Sharon had not kicked out Jews from their homes and handed them to Arab terrorists.

A Solution to the Problem of Hamas’ Rockets

So far, Israel has responded with a major barrage of bombing from the air. They have destroyed Arab TV stations, weapons depots and other infrastructure. But so far, Israel has hesitated from retaking any part of the Jewish land. The Israeli policy continues to be one of, “We will do everything to avoid a full-scale” military campaign.


This is wrong. Israel needs to make it clear that the #1 goal needs to be to intimidate and defeat the terrorists. Anyone who fires a missile needs to be killed. Israel needs to dismantle the Hamas leadership and clean out, once and for all, all weapons from all areas in the Gaza Strip.

Israel did this in the year 2004 after the Arabs killed around 40 people in the Park Hotel massacre in Netanya. For years, the Arabs killed hundreds of Israeli civilians in terror attacks. Finally, Israel had enough. Israel swept through all major Arab cities, overwhelmed the Arabs, killed many and and arrested hundreds of terrorists. Things have been relatively calm since then. It is time for Israel to act and restore normalcy to its citizens in the South.

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